Artists’ Books

When I am creating artists’ books, what exists at the center of my thought process is “being emotionally involved” in something.

That "something: could be my personal life experience, memories, reading passages of poetry, a sentence in someone's writing, or a letter from a friend. On special occasions I have had text written for me for projects. On one occasion I saw an exhibition of artists’ books at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco. That was “something” giving me incredible energy and challenge that fueled my next work.

Equally important and exciting for me is to design a book structure which has to function to open and close or to move into another shape and to be held together or to stand straight if it is sculptural. When I am engaged in that work, I feel that I am back into architecture, either as a designer or a craftsman.

Hole in My Heart 2010
Document Storage V 2009
Clouds 2009
Into 2008
Turning Leaves 2007
Waves at My Side 2007
Clouds, Sticks, Stones and a Stream 2006
An Amphora and a Fish 2004
Hunter-Gatherer: Family Business, Mario 2002
Letters to Nest, Mayumi 2001
Twelve and One 1998
I am My Own Ancestor, Known and Unknown 1995
Roses and Silence 1995
Healing Scrolls 1994
Breaking Down Cancer 1993
Treasure House 1993
Soliloquy of a String Player 1987
Thousands 1986
Document Storage III 1986
Silk and Secrecy 1985