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Backdrop for Cultivating RISK

painted fabric

I have been fortunate for having many opportunities to participate in dance concerts in Ithaca, starting as far back as the 1970s.

Each opportunity involved something large-scale, often involving hand-painted large canvases which were painted in my studio, stapled to the floor. This time, the set was so big that the cloth had to be stapled to the floor of the stage at the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts. I sacrificed two plastic brooms from my household as painting brushes.

My able collaborator Roberto Silva and I painted in black and white " dreamy, and ghostly landscapes" according to Jumay Chu, the director of the program. The title of the program was called Cultivating RISK. One hour long, the piece included 5 choreographers original works coming together as a single performance. My painting was used as backdrop, as a gigantic screen to receive video projection, and also it had a chance to dance — taking various positions, helped along by the dancers.

Theatre is magical. Being a part, again, in my capacity as a visual artist was a thrilling experience not to forget so soon.

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